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So who won?

4 July 2012

Paul Imsen, in Counterpunch:

So who really won the Mexican election? Notoriously crooked former president Carlos Salinas de Gortari, who will act as the power behind the throne of Peña Nieto, deserves a nod. These next six years will look a lot like the Salinas and Ernesto Zedillo administrations of the 1990s with a scoop of the militarization of the Calderon era for good measure.

The world’s oil giants win. Peña Nieto will back the privatization of Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX). Mexico’s oil industry, which accounts for some 40% of the federal budget, has been in state hands since 1938. The privatization of PEMEX has always been a sensitive issue owing to Mexican nationalism, but Peña – like Calderon before him – will fight on behalf of the world’s super-majors against the public interest.

US defense contractors reaping the blood money of Mexico’s “Drug War” also win. AMLO had vowed to halt the flow of gringo “security aid” that sent the Calderon administration on a killing spree. Peña Nieto has said he will continue “the struggle” against a drug-trafficking mafia that is nevertheless knee-deep in the country’s politics. We already know he will hire former Colombian National Police commander General Oscar Naranjo as chief security adviser; an extremely sketchy figure known for both his narco links and long working relationship with Washington.

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  1. 4 July 2012 8:10 am

    I am not sure about the “war” continuing to be fought. I think Pena Nieto and Co. will quickly make backroom deals with the cartels, and then make sure any soldiers on the ground look the other way when an incident is about to unfold. Calderon proved he was grossly incapable of running his administration and dealing with the drugs. Now the PRI inherits his mess along with their own previous sordid history in this matter.

    The amount of corruption in Mexico is staggering, I know we have it here in the US as well, but damn can’t they find a way to at least make it look halfway respectable?

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