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The worst are full of passionate intensity

5 July 2012

I don’t for a second believe that there is any Platonic “neutrality” in the media anywhere, so I normally expect some sort of bias — as least in terms of what editors (or publishers) consider newsworthy — in even the best reportage.  For the not-best…

The [Mexico City] News … once upon a time a reputable newspaper:

AMLO insults Mexican voters


Rumbo de México

MEXICO CITY – Progressive Movement presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that the Mexican public did not support him, opting to vote for what he called a corrupt regime instead.

He said that those who voted for Peña Nieto were privileged, and that “they bet on and backed a corrupt regime. I know that what I’m saying is harsh, but it’s the truth.”

At a press conference on Monday, López Obrador met with Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) members who, together, insulted the media, saying that information had been manipulated.

López Obrador’s speech brought to mind his post-election antics in 2006, after the electoral authority announced President Felipe Calderón’s victory.

Despite the fact that López Obrador signed the Federal Electoral Institute’s (IFE) “Civility Pact” and agreed to respect the outcome of the election, his response suggests that he will wait until every last vote is counted before admitting defeat.

He said that he will use every legal instrument at his disposal to uncover electoral irregularities that might have taken place in this election.

The leftist candidate said that from Wednesday on he will monitor and scrutinize the vote counting process. He said it was a “shame” that PRI politicians, the federal government, and the media’s distorted information “dominated” the election, and lashed out against the PRI with accusations of vote buying and exceeding campaign-spending limits.

Gee, just because the media distortion did — objectively — dominate the election and accusations of vote buying and exceeding campaign-spending limits are — objectively — true, no reason to get so touchy about it.  It wasn’t Mexican voters who were being insulted, it was idiots who publish things like this.

BTW,  PRI national chair, Pedro Joaquín Coldwell is not opposed to a full ballot by ballot recount.

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  1. 5 July 2012 2:48 pm

    Somebody want to tell the author to tone down the snarkiness. It is one thing when it comes from bloggers, but it is another when the media does it. I wouldn’t be surprised if this the collapse of the Mexican media. Why would anyone ever want to trust the Mexican media? This is the same question we asked when the most trusted paper the New York Times came out and said it sat on the sat on a major story (about warrantless spying) out of fear of the shame of publishing it. For me it is a Mexican deja vu. This time around it is the social media vs the Mexican media. They should have learned from their American counter-parts.

  2. 5 July 2012 9:54 pm

    Many of today`s medias are definitely corrupted. They should look for the truth and publish it, so that everyone can know it.

  3. 5 July 2012 11:59 pm

    They must have worked at finding that photo, too. I’ve seen hundreds of him and not once was his expression disdainful, which this photo evidently attempts to convey. He always looks either serious or cheerful.

    As for PRI and the recount, I’m willing to give them points for sportsmanship as long as I can keep my hands on those points until the recount is actually completed. The accusations of voting irregularities on top of the vote buying and media buying have been a PR disaster for them. It doesn’t surprise me that they’d say they’re willing to have a recount. I will be surprised if they don’t try to control that recount.

    And, by the way, these people apparently think that there is gross misreporting of the vote totals.

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