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Don’t like “yosoy#132”? Well…

6 July 2012

Young Mexicans in the streets with placards and bullhorns might be a tad annoying at times, but there are alternatives they could be using to push for political and social change:

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  1. 6 July 2012 2:51 pm

    Unfortunately, I don’t see an alternative path, and that’s true in a number of countries.

    We think of governments and constitutions as being mechanisms of the exercise of power. More accurately, they are expressions of a social compact on fundamental human rights. When the compact is broken, a society becomes unstable. Either a new compact is formed, or the system gradually breaks down. The corruption in Mexico is as much a symptom of a broken social compact as a cause of decline.

    Elites imagine they can militarize and centralize power without consequence. But the vitality of a society declines as a result, and with it the economy. The end result of elites taking advantage of the people is implosion.

    I wish that Mexico’s left were stronger, not because I would necessarily support their policies, but because the weakness of the left is a dangerous sign that there is no alternative but complete collapse. In a healthy polity, left and right compete, and the best ideas are implemented. In Mexico, only the ideas of the oligarchs are even heard.

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