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More than opinions

16 July 2012

This was written by a naturalized Mexican in response to an American ex-pat who refuses to believe that there could have been any sort of fraud or corruption in Mexico’s 2012 presidential elections. He wrote regarding Pres. Calderón’s ‘opinion’ about vote fraud, saying nothing that has been written or said is ‘hard facts’.


Pres. Calderón is the leader of the country. No other sitting Mexican president has expressed this kind of ‘opinion’ about a presidential election.

You state that my concern is “about the PRI/PAN “ganging up” on the PRD this time”. Those are your words; that is not my concern. My concern is the extent of corruption and fraud by PRI in the general presidential election. Vote-buying (read about Monex, Soriana, and most recently, this: http://apnews.myway/…./DA00QS601.html) and influence peddling were rampant–yes, that is my opinion, but it is also the opinion of many people who are highly placed in Mexican government, intellectual circles, and who are much more knowledgeable than the man on the street.

Your statements indicate that you discount ‘opinion’ and will listen only to hard facts. The ‘hard facts’ of fraud and corruption in this election may never be proved, since it is against the best interests of the PRI for the allegations to be substantiated. However, store receipts from the use of the ‘gift cards’ from Soriana showing “Beneficios PRI” have been published online. The linked article makes allegations of vote-buying. Individuals from many states have come forward to admit that they sold their votes. No, I can’t quote chapter and verse: Fulano de tal sold his vote (in case you need a translation, fulano de tal means so-and-so).

You write about “major improvements in poll watching, ballot supervision and voter ID that have even drawn international recognition”. Poll watchers, ballot supervisors, and voter ID have all been alleged to be corrupt. No, not all…but enough.

The PRI is smart enough to appear transparent while being opaque and clever enough to hide its vote-buying in a cloak of ‘gifts’ to voters. On the other hand, on July 10, 2012 the San Diego Union Tribune’s Mexico section reported this: http://www.sandiegor…sa-de-valores/.

I offer links to two news stories from US newspapers. For more and deeper coverage of the allegations and opinions of thousands of people, I recommend that you read Mexican newspapers and watch Mexico’s news channels. Opinions, yes, but they just keep piling up.

You know the story about the little boy who was an incurable optimist? When taken into a room filled with horse manure, he enthusiastically dug in with a shovel. When asked, “Why in the world are you doing that!?” the little boy grinned and said, “With all this s**t pile up, there has to be a pony in there somewhere!”

The piled up s**t, in the case of the fraud in Mexico’s 2012 presidential elections, consists of the opinions of thousands and thousands of people, from the person on the street to the president of the República. Other people continue to search for ‘hard facts’, the non-existent pony in the stable.

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