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The OTHER Colorado gun news…

23 July 2012

Did anyone else catch the story that popped up in the media last Friday MORNING?

A 35-year-old Colorado man avoided a jail sentence on Wednesday even after pleading guilty to conspiring to sell more than 30 machine guns with optical sights, five pounds of C4 explosives, grenades and 14 semi-automatic pistols smuggled into the country from Iraq.

Richard Paul, of Durango, brokered a deal for five years of probation and eight months of home confinement by pleading guilty and agreeing to testify against his co-conspirator, 34-year-old former Navy SEAL Nicholas Bickle[…]  Paul reportedly sold 12 AK-47s and five pistols in two separate transactions in 2010 to an undercover investigator that openly expressed a desire to move the weapons to Mexico.

Colorado does not prohibit the possession of assault rifles, though the state requires background checks are required for purchases made at gun shows and all sales must be completed with a detailed record of the buyer and seller. The state doesn’t limit on how many guns can be purchased at one time and nothing to stop buyers from transferring the weapons to a third party immediately after sale.

The U.S. keeps claiming they’re actually doing something about the weapons trade with Mexico (and Mexican gangsters), but they aren’t doing much to control their own domestic trade (see any other news story out of Colorado involving weapons this past weekend).

Sure, as Vanguardia (Saltillo) noted, a dozen deaths in Colorado did what 60,000 in Mexico couldn’t do (get the whole world talking about the insanity of U.S. gun laws), but what I have seen so far have been blatherings about how one might account for the killer’s mental state, or the effect on U.S. politics, or how the media covers the media covering the media coverage of the  politics of the tragedy… and the weak responses by otherwise competent officials, like the President of the United States (“…in a briefing with reporters who were travelling with President Barack Obama as he met with the victims and their families in Colorado on Sunday, Press Secretary Jay Carney signaled that the administration would tackle issues of gun violence within the confines of current legislation“) assurance the U.S. that nothing substantial will change.

One would ask where the U.S. equivalent of Javiar Sicilia is.  But then again, I doubt anyone in the United States listens to poets anyway.  Poets won’t get through, but maybe violence will.

Maybe Mexico would be better off, as I’ve suggested before, just launching drone strikes on suspected gun dealers in the United States — the same way the Obama Administration has given itself the right to launch such strikes on anyone it considers a threat to U.S. national security anywhere in the world (except, perhaps, domestically) — and consider any male between the ages of 16 and 65 who happens to get killed in the process as a presumed enemy combatant.  That, however, might put some trade issues at risk, and perhaps — in the name of good relationships between the two countries — the Mexican government could just make a deal with some of the more cut-throat of our various gangster bands to send their hitme off on an assignment north of the border.  They seem to accept an occasional slaughter as normal in the arms trade(though normally conducted off-premises), so that shouldn’t unduly ruffle any fearthers.

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