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Thou shalt not launder money

23 July 2012

Rejecting what he calls a “narco-team” preparing to take over the government of the nation, Bishop Raul Vera of Saltillo weighed in yesterday on post-election legal process:

We can not, under the guise of a false social peace, sanction a process full of irregularities and even crimes such as using laundering money that covers up the the dark processes of other crimes, and leads to a bogus justice process and the application of weak sanctions, as if these were minor offenses.

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  1. Allen Graham permalink
    23 July 2012 2:50 pm

    The bishop may have made some good points, but ¨mercenario¨ summed it up:
    pinches pederastas, que no saben que no se deben meter en la politica

    (use Google translate)

    • 23 July 2012 3:05 pm

      You are familiar with Raúl Vera’s history? He has never been accused of pedastry, or of covering up pedastry by the clergy, although the right-wing Pius X Society out of Canada did try to have him removed, claiming he was a “heretic” for his support of same-gender civil unions in Coahuila, and assigning a priest as the missionary pastor to GLBT and other under-served communities (prisoners, migrants, etc.). “mercenario” is either just reaching for the nearest weapon in anti-clericalism, seriously misinformed or another in a long stream of right-wingers who’ve attempted to smear one of the world’s best known (and most honored) human rights advocates.

  2. 23 July 2012 5:48 pm

    A couple of the comments on the SDP Noticias thread are priceless:
    Con obispos como este hasta me reconvierto al catolicismo

    a lo mejor [Enrique Pena Nieto buddy Mario Marin] lo violo un sacerdote cuando niño

  3. Allen Graham permalink
    25 July 2012 9:10 am

    Reality, the comment made by ¨mercenario¨ was simply a ¨clean up your own backyard first¨, standard attack. Many or most people feel that the Church, no matter how well intentioned, does not belong in politics.

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