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Wartime propaganda posters

6 August 2012

There are several propaganda posters from the “Guerra contra nazifascismo” (Mexico’s only foreign war) at the link… but this one is my favorite.  Mexico has had a great graphic arts tradition, and after the Revolution saw the arts and the visual arts were seen as vital to promoting state ideology.

Considering Great Britain had broken relations with the Mexican government in October 1938, and trying to lead an economic boycott against the Republic following the oil expropriation, and the general perception of the British as imperialists and exploiters, the pro-British posters are also worth noting:

There were serious attempts by the Nazis to infiltrate Mexico — but, Mexicans being Mexicans, how could they not see the funny side of it?:

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  1. Hugo permalink
    6 August 2012 10:52 am

    There was an active nazi organization in Mexico from the 1930s and onwards. In fact, in Mazatlan it had 20 members, but the majority were in the DF where most German expatriates resided. See this interesting study:

    • 6 August 2012 9:49 pm

      Certainly there were… but how much was Nazi idieology, and how much based in seeking an alternative either to the socialist state (as Agrianista/Cristero uprising led by Saturnino Cedillo saw the Nazis) or reaction to perceived Anglo-American economic and social dominance (as with José Vasconcelos) is hard to say. Active Nazis were largely limited to ethnic Germans and the Mexican intelligencia who had always seen Germany as a better model for Mexican development than Britain, the U.S. or the Soviet Union. There was strong support for Fascism (or, rather Falangism, the Francoist version of Fascism) especially among conservative Catholics and former Cristeros.

  2. norm permalink
    7 August 2012 7:14 am

    Fascism has its attraction to people who like the idea of capital and the state working together for the good of the state, where the rights and needs of the population are secondary to the needs of the state, there will always be people like that, as in those that have a lot of capital… Fascism is not going away anytime soon.

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