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Right in the kisser

7 August 2012

A kiss is just a kiss…

Professor Manuel Berumen, who was arrested for kissing his opposite gender one-and-only legitimate wife in a public square in León on Saturday.

El perp

When the afore-mentioned Professor smooched his opposite gender one-and-only legitimate wife, Mayra Alemán, an unidentified woman called the police, complaining of the “obscenity” of the act.  TWO … count them TWO police cars responded and so, Ms. Alemán  whipped out… her cell phone camera, recording the arrest of the unresisting (and frankly incapable of even looking slightly  menacing if he tried) Berumen, creating a viral video classic.

So far, Mexicans haven’t figured out that, like U.S. cops, they need to criminalize not kissing on the streets, but filming the police on the streets, if they don’t want to be seen by the whole world being total morons.

                   La Amarga… soon to be the laughing stock of Mexico … and planet earth.

Hauled before The Grand  Inquisitor a so-far nameless, but not blameless judge,  Berumen was charged with “indecency”and fined 800 pesos… which of course he refused to pay, meaning he ended up spending 12 hours in the slammer on the complaint of a bitter, undoubtedly sexually-frustrated and world-wide mockery-worthy woman.

Kissers of the world united… or at least the kissers of León … on Sunday in front of the Cathedral.  Even the Mass goers applauded.

Berumen  received an apology from León’s Presidente Municipal, Ricardo Sheffield.  Leon’s comptroller has started an investigation into the judge, who apparently has tried to fine people for this dubious (and non-existent) offense before, while the police department’s internal affairs division wants to find out why not one of the six officers had the common sense to tell the complainant to get a life.

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  1. lian permalink
    7 August 2012 9:09 am

    Arrestados por darce un beso ? noooo tiene que haber algo mas , o sea si una persona insulta a otra no hacen nada pero si se acarician los arestan ??? no way Jose

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