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This is so wrong…

13 August 2012

If ever there was a nationalist cause everyone could get behind, maybe this is it:

Tequila may be Mexico’s national drink, but if the anticipated sale of Jose Cuervo to British multinational Diageo goes through, not one of the country’s major tequila companies will remain in Mexican hands.

Diageo, which owns Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Baileys and Guinness, already has an international distribution deal with Cuervo and is now looking to acquire ownership of both the Cuervo and 1800 brands owned by Mexico’s Beckmann family since their foundation over 200 years ago.

Neo-liberalism, Hell!  British tequila… the Mayan Apocalypse can’t come soon enough!


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  1. 13 August 2012 6:43 am

    I don’t know what bothers me more – British owned tequila or British owned Guinness and Baileys. The Empire is back.

    • 13 August 2012 12:57 pm

      ex-Colonials of the world unite! We have none of our booze but from chains! Or … something like that 🙂

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