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Refinery explosion in Tamaulipas

14 August 2012

Supposedly caused by a lightening strike, there was (or is, as I write this) a fire at the PEMEX gasoline refinery in Cd. Madero, Tamaulipas. It may not be as bad as it looks, since media reports indicate there have been no evacuations (although the initial explosion could be heard 7 Km. away).

A lightening strike is the most probable cause, but — given the unseemly slow pace of refinery expansion under the present administration (which has yet to really start even one of the several new refineries it promised over the last six years) and its, as well as the presumptive incoming administration’s, interest in denationalizing large parts of PEMEX (including gasoline distribution), of course rumors are already circulating on the social media that this was no accident.

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