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Sheer poetry

18 August 2012

Maybe it takes a poet to say the obvious:

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arapaio is a “weakling, who hides behind an anti-immigration shield,” Mexican activist Javier Sicilia told the Associated Press on Friday, following a meeting between the two on Thursday.

Presently leading a “Caravan of Peace” across the United States to bring attention to the U.S. public’s collaboration with gangster-related violence in Mexico (though both narcotics consumption and support for criminalizing such consumption; its unwillingness to halt cross border traffic in firearms and laundered money) and to protest the treatment of Mexican and Central American migrants to the U.S.

Sicilia met with Arapaio for an hour and a half on Thursday. It did not go well. Said the well-known internationally known religious poet, journalist and reluctant activist of the internationally despised federally indicted Arizona politician:

He is stubborn and servile with serious problems, including psychological ones… At base, he is a weakling: in his heart he is fragile and insecure.  I see in his feeble sense of humanity a greater weakness: when a person is strong, they have no need for cruelty.

To which Arapio could only respond… or rather, to which a  Sheriff’s Department spokesman responded with a non-sequitor:

“It’s their fault we have illegal immigration.”

“They” being… Mexicans? Peace activists? Catholic intellectuals?

(El Universal, my translation)

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  1. Beco permalink
    18 August 2012 11:53 am

    I’ve been a bit disillusioned by Javier Sicilia’s actions of late and frankly I don’t think his Caravan of Peace will do much good in terms of enabling policy changes (the US press is certainly ignoring it the best it can), but as a disgruntled and self-exiled arizonense, I do have to give him credit for taking on the Flaccid Failure of Maricopa County. Bravo Sr. Sicilia!

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