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PRI runs amok in Neza… and ?

6 September 2012

According to several different news  sources “rumors” that Movimiento Antorcha Campesina has been attacking businesses and homes in Nezahualcóyotl, just inside the State of Mexico are just that, and are being denied by the state authorities (who claim nothing is happening)-

However, media is starting to report on Antorchista blockades of metro stations (the Mexico City Metro extends into Neza) and on social media, people are saying masked Antorchistas cut telephone lines and were shooting at people.

At least the blockades are confirmed, and various reports on Antorcha websites report on confrontations between their own taxi-driver’s union and members of a PRD-connected bicycle-taxi union which has left at least two people dead.

Movimiento Antorcha Campesina is a PRI “popular sector”, and its militants have been known to resort to violence before.  Nezahualcóyotl has been a PRD stronghold within the State of Mexico, which makes it appear that a fight between two unions (basically over access to prime pick-up locations outside Metro stations) is in reprisal for the local voters’ continual support of the “wrong” party, with the violence said to be targeted at businesses owned by PRD supporters and individual PRD party members, whether connected to the bicycle-taxi union or not.

I know there were many in the “observer community” who expected some kind of trouble following the “problematic” Peña Nieto victory, but most were assuming the left would be blocking streets and annoying commuters and maybe… maybe… breaking a few windows here and there.  They tend to forget that PRI violence against the left in the wake of seriously contested elections has happened before.  Following Carlos Salinas’ “victory” over Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas in 1988, there was a series of assassinations, unexplained auto accidents and and other violent deaths of PRD loyalists which, thankfully, did not escalate (as it easily could have) into … politics by other means (“power comes from the barrel of a gun”, as Mao Zedong put it).

While I have always said that Mexican politics is a blood-sport, and have no illusions that politicians here “play nice”,  I have to add that the major violence hasn’t been coming from the Left… who tend to still bring their  library books  (ok, and maybe their blackberries and cell phone cameras, too) to what could be a gun fight.

Damn well better hope the pen is mightier than the sword (or whatever the cyber variation of that might be).


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