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You go, girl!

10 September 2012

So much for ergonomically designed sportswear and 500-dollar running shoes…. winner of the Maratón Oxxo K10 2012 Maria Salomé in a traditional Tarahumara running (and eating, and shopping, and child-care, and…) outfit.

(Photo via Colonia Felipe Angeles, Meoqui, Chihuahua).

While I’m not taking this post down, I think that “Maria Solomé” herself didn’t exist… those who commented below had good reasons for thinking so, and — something I should have noticed (but didn’t) — was the “patronizing” caption that also suggests it’s false. Had someone name “Maria Solomé” run in the race, she would have a surname (well, two surnames in Mexico) and as an adult woman they would have been reported. Identifying an adult by just her given name would be to treat her as a child… or… a romanticized “child of nature” as too many — even when well-meaning — still see indigenous people. (5 June 2013)

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  1. 14 September 2012 1:01 pm

    It is a hoax. Oxxo half marathon will be held on October 7th in Chihuahua. They might be talking about a 10K Oxxo race held on April 15th, in Queretaro. But the photo is not real, because #1107 belonged to Ximena Navarro, and she arrived 77 in her category… 5K.

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