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Pro Bono?

22 September 2012

I’m not sure what exactly Bono has done to merit el Orden Mexicana del Águila Azteca.  Apparently, the U2 singer is being so honored for “expressing solidarity with Mexico over the country’s drug violence during a concert in the capital“.  Not that there’s anything wrong with “expressing solidarity” , but being honored by the outgoing administration for that suggests not solidarity with the people, but with the present administration’s policy… which — after 60,000 needless deaths — isn’t something easily considered a benefit either to Mexico or humankind in general.

Don’t get me wrong… since the Aztec Eagle — which is reserved for foreigners — can be awarded for just being a generic good guy… I have no problem with Calderón bestowing a medal on Bono.  But, if he was going to give a chunk of bling to Bono for just having the good manners to say he was in “solidarity” with Mexico, a medal is well-overdue for a guy who has been not just “expressing solidarity” but actually  striving successfully to not just improve Mexico’s image, and defend the country, but to make the lives of Mexicans and foreigners in Mexico better.

If anyone has earned the Mexi-bling, it’s this guy.

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  1. tijuana permalink
    22 September 2012 9:08 pm

    Have you heard about the “malinche syndrome”, jajaja.
    Seriously, any international artist that comes to mexico and not “just” give a concert but somehow “connects”, is going to receive a ton of die hard fans and love. I cherish Oingo Boingo, for their music, for having mexican-american members of the band, and for using “calaveras” in their albums, but will ALWAYS remember them for being the best band ever to give a concert (in their prime) in Tijuana, for that alone, they are my favorit band of the eighties…

  2. tijuana permalink
    22 September 2012 9:09 pm

    By the way, I think you deserve one of those too, hahaha…

  3. geneinmexico permalink
    23 September 2012 6:19 am

    Rolly had his day but those days are long gone. ANYone who uses or used garbage such as Borderland Beat as a reference source has jumped ship and does not deserve the support of Mexico.

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