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New Fire Ceremony?

28 September 2012

… they waiting for the first signs that the world would continue, and life would go on.  If it did, the Aztecs celebrated with the New Fire Ceremony, sacrificing a victim on top of the pyramid that became Cerro de la Stella… rekindling their fires that had been doused in anticipation of the event and renewing their lives.

(Gods, Gachupines and Gringos)

Whether the Mexico we know will still exist once the labor “reforms” are passed, and whether these “reforms” will be for good or ill, is the question that has the country on edge right now.  With undue haste, the Calderón Administration is forcing though Congress a “fast track” bill which could change everything we know about Mexican labor and… well… life itself.  I started a piece about this, but at 1 in the AM am not about to try to think my way through it.

The legislature adjourned due to illness of one member this afternoon, pushing back consideration until tomorrow, and cutting into what little discussion the bill has received.  Outside Congress today, there were major protests, which — while not as violent as those outside the Spanish Congress — could very quickly turn ugly.

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  1. 28 September 2012 11:12 am

    This last minute grab at “reform” is worrying. It is the tactic of manipulation and inside influence. In other words, it is a grab by the elite to strike against the rights of the people in general.

    Given serious consideration and public discussion of the impacts, such things would not be likely to survive. But pushed through in a rush (and with what “influencing” elements out of sight), awful things can happen.

    One of the saving graces of the difficult life in Mexico is that, generally, workers have strong rights and cannot be treated as “discardable resources.”

    Sometimes, as in this clip, even today’s strong rights are not enough:

    It can get a lot worse from here. And the everyday working people would be the ones to take the brunt of it.

    Is such reform necessary? Hard to see how, with Volkswagen expanding capacity in Mexico and Audi looking at plants.

    The Mexican economy has been more resilient than that of the USA in this latest depression scenario.

    Why weaken one of the legs of the stool and take the risk that the whole thing will collapse? As usual, the wealthy make a grab without being far-sighted about the consequences.

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