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Morir matando es la ley

8 October 2012

Unconfirmed stories are circulating that Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano — the supposed leader of the “Zetas” either committed suicide, or was killed by Marines, in a gun battle near Progreso, Coahuila, on Sunday.
Lazcano was a Mexican special forces guy said to have gone over to the dark side and the brains behind making the Zetas the Blackwater of the narcotics export trade (or perhaps Blackwater, aka XE, aka Academi are the Zetas of the oil trade).

Given that there have been media reports of Lazcano’s death at least twice before, I’d hold off taking this as gospel. Though it could be that the third time is a charm (and Chapo Guzman … having one less impediment to his monopoly on the Mexican narcotics export trade .. is a very happy man this evening), and — as always — it’s convenient that these gangsters never make it into a courtroom, where they might mention their financial and logistical backers.

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