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Invasion of the body snatchers

9 October 2012


The State of Coahuila prosecutor’s office released a statement that Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano was indeed dead (and there was a photo of the corpse in all the most national papers and on TV this morning).. but…er… uh… gunmen stole the body from a funeral home.

This being Mexico… maybe it has something to do with the “Zetas” being the ones supposedly responsible for killing the former Coahuila governor (and later PRI party chair)’s son, which led  demands for the resignation of the present governor… who just happens to be the brother of the former governor (and uncle of the victim) by the victim’s widow.    Then again, maybe not.

Body double (with no body, the Prosecutor’s claims of identifying the body through fingerprints will have to stand for now)? Souvenir-hunters, a la Pancho Villa (who was dug up and his head chopped off a couple of years after he was buried)? The State, anxious to avoid Lazcano’s tomb (which had been built a few years ago) becoming a shrine for narcos?

Or… maybe kidnapping and disappearing people being Lazcano’s trade, his minions did the snatch for old times sake.  Or…

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  1. 9 October 2012 1:24 pm

    Or it was done by the CDG boys and we will see him hanging from a bridge in Nuevo Laredo tomorrow am with a long narcomanta.

  2. 17 October 2012 12:25 pm

    Touche. Outstanding arguments. Keep up the amazing spirit.


  1. Chapo… the legend begins | The Mex Files

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