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When the going was good

13 October 2012
Fidel, not dead in 1964 (Deana Stryker, photo) and still not dead in 2012 (Alex Castro, photo)

From Fox News Latino (and a plethora of Kennedy-assassination sites):

A CIA document outlining a Mafia-connected plan to assassinate Cuban leader Fidel Castro for $150,000 is among thousands of Robert F. Kennedy documents made public Thursday, just days before the 50th anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis.

In the 1964 plan, the mob and “patriotic Cuban exiles” eventually settled on a payment of $100,000 for assassinating Castro, $20,000 for his brother Raúl and $20,000 for revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara, plus $2,500 for expenses.

Not that this is anything new —  “C.I.A.”,  “gangster”, and “Cuban exiles” being pretty much synonyms in this part of the world — but $150,000 in 1964 would only be about 1.75 million dollars today,  a bargain when it comes to U.S. intervention in Latin American affairs.  “Plan Merida” is costing the U.S. taxpayers 102.2 million just for “Military and Police Aid”  this year alone:  most going, not to Mexico (of course) but to sub-contractors providing God knows what all. And about as successfully as the Kennedy plan to kill Castro… who is sill with us at the age of 86.
What perhaps is newsworthy is that the Mafia bid on the project was so low-budget.  Back in 1962, the “military-industrial complex” was still a new idea, and sub-contractors for U.S. government dirty work hadn’t quite cottoned on to the idea that the whole purpose of providing “services” to the Federal Government was to fleece the taxpayers and get rich.
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  1. 14 October 2012 12:43 pm

    Good ol’ good ol’

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