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And so it goes

19 October 2012

I need to update my “Resource” page, I know (haven’t done a thorough update in years), but from time to time add something.  Today, I had to delete one… quickly… because the author of a reputable site on Immigration issues had sold the site, with the expectation that it would be continued in the same spirit.

My GAWD!  It’s now a dumping ground for the white supremacist/nativist bunch, and totally worthless.

It does make me wonder what the best way is to “legacy” this site might be.  I can’t do this indefinitely… and did try to ease out of the Mex Files about a year ago.  I suppose if I sell or give away the domain name, I’d have to have a strict contract, and keep ownership of the previous posts, maybe preserving them in some other format.  eBooks?


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  1. buddenbooks permalink
    19 October 2012 7:19 pm

    Don ‘t quit! Lulls are okay.

  2. Allen G permalink
    20 October 2012 7:13 am

    That site won’t be the last. You have had a few “dead links”, happens everywhere.
    As said in noo Yawk: Fugadabowdid.

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