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I suppose I must (just because it’s expected, not because I think it’s important)

7 November 2012

North of the border there was a presidential election — the tanner version of Dwight D. Eisenhower creamed a Mormon version of Warren G. Harding.  I suppose over at the Secretaría de Relaciónes Exteriores on calle Federico García Lorca they’re happy they don’t have to break in a whole new crew, with a new Secretary of State, like the one now who once supposedly asked “Who painted the Virgin of Guadalupe?”.

Ike Lite depended more on the votes of people with relations here, so maybe will have to listen a little more to their concerns.  On the other hand, the Harding knock-off DOES have relatives here (in Chihuahua), but then again, a lot of his supporters seem to think anyone from south of the Rio Bravo del Norte… or whose grandparents came from somewhere down this way, is unAmerican.  And, maybe if he won, with the U.S. health-care system as screwy as it is, and promising to make it even screwier, the medical tourism industry might have been cheering for Mexico Mitt.

They both have to support their war industries, and maybe with Mitt selling more war in Afganistan, they’d be less likely to turn their attention to “assisting” Mexico in a “War on Drugs” that’s already killed at least 600,000 people here in the last six years. If anything, Obama, pulling out of Afghanistan, and with a Secretary of State who has on several occasions referred to Mexican gangsters as “insurgents” and “terrorists”, we should be extremely worried.  As it is, neither of them seemed to be much interested in doing anything cooperating with Mexico and doing something substantial to curb U.S. gun-runners, let alone vulture capitalists, corporate pirates or money launderers.

Speaking of money:  while here it’s kind of scandalous to even talk about how much a campaign costs, just about everything I read about the election for the last couple of months  years (don’t they have the decency to limit campaigning to a manageable 90 day period like they do here?) has included a paragraph on how much money the candidate had raised from private sources … something we call “bribes”.

This U.S. election is expected to have cost something around 6 billion dollars.  A few years back, when a neo-natal unit in Chiapas became infected and babies died, then-Secretary of Health Julio Frenck ordered the facility torn down and replaced… which cost about a million dollars.  I assume costs have gone up some since then, but six billion dollars would still be enough to build TWO neo-natal units in every one of Mexico’s 2462 municipios and the 14 delegaciones in the Federal District, with enough left over to cover cost-overruns and pay off even the greediest bribe-soliciter.

Yeah, I suppose I like Ike Lite better than Warren G. Redux, for the simple reason that I have relatives and friends up there, and there’s likely to be SOME progressive domestic policies coming out of the White House (which, will be stymied by the Republican House of Representatives, and then turned into some sausage legislation that satisfies no one), making things marginally saner.  And maybe the federal government will build a few neo-natal hospitals … which will be called Socialism by the other guys.

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  1. Päncho permalink
    1 January 2013 8:35 pm

    16 delegaciones…


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