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A different work-study project

7 December 2012

Verónica Meléndez is a student at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León. That she has to work an outside job doesn’t seem to interfere with her studies, and perhaps she should get extra credit for managing to combine that job with a practical application of her career training in public communications. Ms. Meléndez said she may continue her “special appearances” (which advertise her appearances as Maykae — the nom de table dance under which performs) though the end of the year. Presently, she could conceivable receive a small fine for “exhibitionism”, but after the first of January, changes in the Nuevo Le+on criminal code would allow her to be charged with “corrupting minors” if there was a formal complaint about her ad campaign. The minor in this(relatively safe for work… if the boss isn’t looking… or you are the boss) video doesn’t seem particularly corrupted to me. Or even interested.

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