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Bet you can’t eat just one… comparing Apples and potato chips

17 December 2012

Via Laura Martinez (Mi blog es tu blog):


In a way this is very funny… a new product now on the shelves in Washington State (where marijuana was legalized).

I have no reason to doubt the company’s claims that the cannabis in their potato chips is also from Washington State, but if so, why the Latin-themed marketing and brand name?  Washington State is not known for palm trees (nor for Spanish-language based names), so why this packaging, if not to imply a Latin source?

60 to 70 (or more) thousands of  Mexicans died in the last few years to create a product image? While everyone agrees the “war on (some) drugs” was stupid, but it wasn’t the government funding from Washington DC so much that was causing those deaths, as the money pouring in from buyers of the products. Plan Merida was a cock-up, and “Fast and Furious” a blunder, but they were only ill-conceived responses to the attempts to quash a Mexican export industry supported by the people of the United States, including those in Washington State.

Now after the people of the State of Washington, have done their fair share to murder maim and orphan tens of thousands of Mexicans through their purchases, their “entrepreneurs” seek to use Latin Americans to market their produce.

We get Washington apples here in Sinaloa (which, thanks to NAFTA, have decimated the Chihuahua apple growers), but at least the source is clearly labeled.  If Washington marijuana growers are, even in the absence of NAFTA regulations on this particular crop, trying to destroy their Mexican competitors (and they are… don’t think for a minute that marijuana wouldn’t have been legalized a long time ago if — like sugar-cane, coffee, chocolate — U.S. and European corporations didn’t control the market) they could at least be a bit more honest about their intentions.



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  1. 17 December 2012 9:57 am

    Irony: Without Mexicans to pick apples in Washington this year millions of dollars of apples never got picked. $15-20 an hour to pick apples because of the shortage of labor. Tons of Gringos apply for the job and every one of them quits after a day because it means carrying 40 pound bags of apples at the top of a shaky ladder.

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