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26 December 2012

Via AOL: New Agers Trash Mayan Pyramid At ‘End Of The World’ Party

If they had asked the Maya themselves they would have learned that the world wasn’t actually ending, but why do that? Traditional cultures and UNESCO World Heritage Sites are only there as props for jaded First Worlders shopping for a cheap semblance of spirituality the same way they’ll buy Save The Whale T-shirts made in Filipino sweat shops.

They’ll also blithely ignore the real historical and cultural significance of such sites in preference for silly theories about secret civilizations, aliens or Atlantis. This sort of New Age archaeology is rooted in racism. As some locals complained, the party wasn’t really about the Maya at all.v

If these idiots really wanted to be one with the Mayans… I’m sure something could have been arranged:


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  1. Roberto Hollin permalink
    27 December 2012 11:13 am

    Pigs are actually fairly clean animals when left on their own.

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