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Towards a more colorful vocabulary

2 January 2013
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swearing-yelling-guyVia SDPNoticias, comes a list compiled by the Caracas daily, El Universal, of the various insults Hugo Chavez and associates have hurled at their opponents.  Hugo is never at a loss for words,but c’mon… “Komodo Dragon”?  Must have been the intern who came up with that one.  ”

Beside the usual “drunks,” “crazies” and all round “pendejos”….here’s a handy-dandy list of insults probably useful on … many… occasions:

 Abusadores Abusers
 Acaparadores Hoarders
 Antibolivarianos Anti-bolivarians
 Antipatriotas Anti-patriots
 Arrastrados Disease carriers
 Basura de la historia Ash-heap of history
 Brutos Brutes
 Cabezones Dickhead (close enough)
 Cachetes de puerco Hog jowls
 Caimanes Crocodiles
 Calumniadores Rumor-mongerers
 Capitalistas Capitalists (oooh, that’s gotta hurt!)
 Caraduras Cheeky fellows
 Carroña Carrion
 Cavernícolas Cavemen
 Cínicos Cynics
 Coberos Lying liar
 Come mocos Like flies
 Contrabandistas Smugglers
 Corroídos por el odio Hate-spreaders
 Criminales Criminals
 Cuervos Crows
 Demonios Demons
 Desadaptados Maladjusted
 Descarados Shameless
 Desechos Waste
 Deshonestos Dishonest
 Desmadrados Fuck ups
 Desnaturalizados De-natured (unnatural, weird)
 Desquiciados Have a screw loose
 Desquiciados Unhinged
 Disociados “reality challenged”
 Doble cara Two-faced
 Dragones de Komodo Komodo Dragon
 Egoístas Egoists (a big insult in Latin America, even among Conservatives)
 Ejes del mal Axis of Evil
 Embusteros Con artists
 Especuladores Speculators
 Estafadores Con-men
 Excrementos Shit (or shitheads)
 Explotadores Exploiters
 Falsificadores Counterfeiters
 Flojos Weaklings
 Fraudulentos Frauds
 Fusiladores de espíritus Spiritual firing squads
 Golpistas Coup-mongers
 Gorilas Gorillas
 Guerrilleros urbanos Urban guerrillas
 Gusanos Worms
 Hampones Thugs
 Hienas Hyenas
 Insensibles Not too bright
 Inútiles Useless
 Ladrones Thieves
 Lambucios Purely Venezuelan… the guy who picks food off your plate in a restaurant, or borrows your stuff and never returns it.
 Llorones Cry babies
 Lombrices Worms (specifically parasitic worms)
Majunches Annoying twits
 Malasangre Bad blood
 Mandaderos de las transnacionales Yes-men for multi-nationals
 Marruñecos Another Venezuelanism… “dipship”, somebody who believe whatever rumor is floating around
 Mensajeros de la muerte Messengers of death
 Mercenarios Mercenaries
 Miserables Miserable ones
 Moribundos Really rotten scoundrels (literally, dead and stinky)
 Moscas Flies
 Necrófilos Necrophiliacs
 Paqueteros Hoarders
 Perros Dogs
 Plagas Plague
 Podridos Rotters
 Preservativos Condoms (Condoms???)
 Prostitutas Whores
 Recaderos “go-fers”… a nicer word than laquí (“lackey”)
 Reposeros Shirker, slacker
 Retrógrados Reactionary
 Saqueadores Looters
 Sepultureros Grave-diggers
 Siete cueros Literally a skin infection… figuratively… “jerk”
 Son un cáncer Cancerous
 Termitas Termites
 Terroristas Terrorists
 Tienen al diablo debajo de las sotanas LIke the devil in clerical garb
 Torturadores Torturers
 Traficantes (Drug) Traffickers
 Traidores a la patria Traitors to the nation
 Tramposos Tricksters (and not in a good way)
 Trogloditas Troglodites
 Vagos Ne-er-do-wells
 Vende patria Sellers of their country
 Vendidos Sell-outs
 Víboras Snakes
 Zamuros Vultures
Pitiyanquí Malachista in Mexico… someone who favors the U.S.
Vampiro Well, duh!
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  1. 2 January 2013 6:46 am

    This is great and I sent it to my colleagues… but just one point, wouldn’t “come mocos” translate to something like “snot-eater”?

    • 2 January 2013 10:19 am

      Much better… and absolutely correct! I’m sure better translations will come …er… dripping in.

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