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The French (and Israeli and Chinese and Brazilian) Connection?

16 January 2013

Oh, c’mon!  George Grayson — the U.S. media’s favorite go-to guy for confirming neo-liberal and U.S. conservative assumptions about Mexico — apparently is attempting to either defend U.S. gun laws (or lack thereof) or redefine geography.  He’s quoted in Fox News Latino (on a story about Mexican government interest in stricter gun laws in the United States):

Cartels, Grayson said, can easily find AK-47s and other assault weapons on the international market – places such as China, France, Brazil and Israel.

“The lion’s share of weapons used by cartels come from the United States, but having said that, if the Virgin of Guadeloupe [sic!!!]were to stop the flow of weapons southward it would be a nuisance for the cartels but it certainly would not end the bloodshed,” Grayson said.

Not that it wouldn’t be impossible to smuggle in weapons from China, France, Brazil and India though it would be a damned sight more difficult than from the United States, the combined borders of those four countries being approximately 1,933.4 miles shorter.  Not to mention the difficulty of buying ammunition  for AK47s and AR15s and 50-cals over the internet in China, France, Brazil or Israel, or any place, really… or the weaponry themselves…  it’s damn difficult to drive them across the border.
Whether the exponential jump in the murder rate took off after the expiration of the U.S. Federal Assault Weapons Ban on 13 September 2004 (as the previous Administration here argued, or coincided with the Calderón Administration, is an academic question, but the fact is, most weapons and the ammunition for those weapons comes from the United States.  Grayson is probably right that drying up the U.S. connection would not end ALL bloodshed (after all, the violence is over exports to the eager buyers of the U.S.) , the implication that it would have little or no effect — and therefore not worthy of consideration — is plainly ridiculous.
As is “Fox News Latino“… Virgin of Guadaloupe?   Guadaloupe is relatively close to Mexico (sorta… being only 1124.3 Nautical Miles from Basse-Terre to Cozumel), and part of France… but being Caribbean AND French, virgins might be as hard to find as … oh… AK47s maybe?
Yeah, well, almost the same thing.

Yeah, well, almost the same thing.

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