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As goes Haiti, so goes Ontario… maybe? sorta?

27 January 2013

Michèle Pierre-Louis, who was Prime Minister of Haiti from September 2008 to November 2009 has never been completely open about her sexual orientation, but as a woman who left her husband to live with another woman, she was widely (and snidely) assumed to be a lesbian. As it was, while neither confirming nor denying her sexual orientation, she was the first person to hold such a post in the Americas DESPITE her sexual orientation.  That is, the candidate’s sexual orientation was raised as an issue, but the candidate won.

Pierre-Louis (left) and Wynne (right).  Who's on first?

Pierre-Louis (left) and Wynne (right). Who’s on first?

Haiti is a country of only 10 and a half million, and not a lot of economic power. While Ontario is only a Canadian province, and not a country, it has more people (13 and a half million) and has a much heavier footprint in the affairs of the Americas than Haiti. And, as of next week, it will have a lesbian premier (provincial prime minister).

Katherine Wynne, who unlike Pierre-Louis is not at all coy about her sexual orientation, was selected as Liberal Party leader from a multi-cultural field, including, in her words, “candidates who were Portuguese-Canadian, Indo-Canadian, Italian-Canadian, female, gay and Catholic.”

Wynne, it should be noted, has not been elected premier, but as party leader will assume the office when incumbent Dalton McGinty resigns, something expected to happen tomorrow or later this week.

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  1. Allen G, in Mazatlan. permalink
    28 January 2013 7:58 am

    Good , accurate description of this historic change. Mr. Grabman puts it well, and nicely understates the importance, economically of this surprising turn of events.
    Toronto, Ontario is the financial capital of Canada, and wields power far beyond its’ 60 km border. The Legislature for Ontario sits smack dab in the middle of this financial monster, and a short walk to “Bay Street” where the financial mite is often used as a bludgeon and occasionally as a surgical knife.
    The new premier, Wynne, has had her sexual orientation discussed often, to the point that it has lost its’ relevance.
    Her political stance is far to the socialist “left”, in stark contrast to the “Bay Street Boys” and to the attendant clubs.
    Now we will witness the grand experiment, the bunson burner is on high, and the financial scientists are sitting on edge, notebooks in hand.
    Wait and see.

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