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Here kitty… kitty… kitty!

2 February 2013

There are some perks to being a state legislator, even in (or especially in) Mexico. When Veracruz State Deputy Roberto Pérez Moreno (PRI) went looking for his missing cat, the State Police and Civil Protection units joined the search for Juanelo … going so far as to lock down the small community Congregación El Grande for several hours. Juancilo was eventually found, and at leat Pérez was gracious enough to thank the state for sending out civil servants, and promised to keep closer tabs on his kitty. Pérez´ constituents aren’t as forgiving … and some are questioning his choice of pets.

Not that anyone particularly dislikes cats, but Juancilo is an African lioness… People expect the guys they send to their state legislature to get away with some lyin’… but they tend to object to lions getting away from their legislators.

(Source: Proceso)

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