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She only padded her resume… Carmen Montejo, D.E.P.

26 February 2013


Carmen Montejo, like so many other female stars of the Mexican golden age, never considered aging an excuse to leave the profession.

Born in Cuba  (26 May 1925), María Teresa Sánchez González, had been a minor child actress (having at least curly hair, she was packaged as a “Cuban Shirley Temple”) who, upon her arrival in Mexico in 1940, “slightly” expaned on her theatrical background, claiming to have been a major star… and — under her assumed name — worked in radio and film throughout the 40s, 50s and 60s.  In Mexico, she did indeed become the star she claimed she was in Cuba, working with Pedro Infante, Pedro Armendárez and the other leading men of the era.

As a stage actress, Montejo starred in several classical (The Trojans, La casa de Bernarda Alba) and appeared in various then-controversial works, including the Mexico City premiere of Edward Albee’s “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?“.   Not one to deny the vissitudes of aging, the former child star found a continuing fan base in her third age, playing matriarchs and grandmothers in numerous telenovelas.

She died Monday at the age of 87.

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