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Fleeing down Rio Way…

11 March 2013

I tend to think the story is a bit … uh… enhanced, but according to Shifra Unger of  Your Jewish News

Thousands of Orthodox Jews fled a city in Brazil, after immodest women were dancing on the street, according to press reports in Brazil.

While the Brazilian Carnival attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, in recent years it has been driving away some local residents.

Jewish residents of Rio de Janeiro, one of the main centers of celebration in Brazil, have fled their homes and moved to a city nearby in order not to expose their children to indecent women.

Which led to this rather pointed comment:

Immodest women dancing in the street!

Orthodox Jewish reaction- Leave town,come back when it’s over.

Orthodox Muslim reaction- Round them up and behead them in a soccer stadium.

Orthodox American reaction- Take away their voting rights, make healthcare impossible, call them names on the radio

Orthodox Brazilian reaction- Yawn. You call that immodest? That’s what my aunt wore to my first communion!

I have no idea how “serious” a publication Your Jewish News is, but there is some sly humor in illustrating the story with a photo of an guy in immodest Brazilian lady clothes.

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  1. Allen G, permalink
    12 March 2013 7:41 am

    Our ¨¨Carni-val¨¨ has been very conservative, no immodest chiquas dancing in the streets, only on the floats. Many years ago, Fantasy Fest in Key West, was a small , fun celebration, no nudity , but it evolved, so that a few years ago it was rated as Adults Only.
    On their site:, you will see a very sanitized version of the event. Key Westers or Conchs, do not consider themselves to be part of the USA. Nosiree.
    So nudity, and probably more has hit Brasil. It evolved.
    Now our Carnival is very tame, and enjoyable, but, when will it evolve? Will we have naked young ladies dancing in the street ?

  2. 12 March 2013 6:36 pm

    The “Your Jewish News” link has an extra “http://” at the end. Here’s a good address for the article:

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