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Virtual sex and real money… “Condom-gate”

21 March 2013

Missing:  three and a half million condoms.  Please return to the State of Puebla Secretariat of Health.

Via Animal Politica (my translation):

In 2009, the  state of Puebla, then under the administration of governor Mario Marín spent 77 million pesos for the purchase of contraceptives [including the 3.5 million condoms].  However, there are no records showing either the purchase, or the receipt of contraceptives in the State Secretariat of Health. 

Nor can they find the condoms.  In 2009, a week after state by-elections, Alfredo Arango Garcia, was appointed to the post of Secretary of Health, replacing Antonio Marín y López, who for some reason thought his job was overseeing the health department, rather than assisting the PRI in the election.
condomsIn 2010, a women’s health organization, in researching state spending on reproductive health issues, couldn’t help noticing that the budget State of Puebla’s budget for contraceptives had increased almost 2000 percent between 2008 and 2009,but returned to previous spending levels in 2010. Although brought to the attention of state officials, no explanation was ever offered.
While the 2009 health budget was passed by the state legislature as a “fast track” bill, with all PRI deputies voting in favor, PAN abstaining, and only the left in opposition, no records for contraceptive purchases (requested by the lone PT deputy) were forthcoming. Nor have they ever been found.
Maybe Arango’s arrest and imprisonment for “inexplicable enrichment” isn’t all that inexplicable.  Simple:  the administration was full of cons, and the legislature was dumb.  And a bunch of dicks.
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  1. Sean H permalink
    1 April 2013 6:51 am

    no fui yo!

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