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No place like home

23 March 2013

In California, the cities named for saints, and full of sinners.  Or so somebody supposedly said.  On the other hand…

I’m from California but didn’t realize how incredibly silly the names of some of the towns in our proud state were until I started living in Mexico. There are cities like Rancho Palos Verdes (Green Sticks Ranch), El Cajon (The Drawer), Tiburon (Shark), Calabasas (albeit misspelled but it means “Pumpkins” or “Squashes”), Los Gatos (The Cats), Vacaville (“vaca” means “cow”) and Placerville (“placer” means “pleasure”).

“Tauromaja”, a California native, an afficiando of  bullfighting, flamenco and films, is a 15-year resident of Mexico, blogging at The Fumi Chronicles:  Searching for Glamour in Living, Loving and Triathlons. 

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