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Well, what did you expect?

27 March 2013

Via The Daily Beast:

… the public message that the Border Patrol has trumpeted for much of the last decade, mainly through press releases about its seizures, has emphasized Mexican drug couriers, or mules, as those largely responsible for transporting drugs.

It turns out that U.S. citizens are the predominant culprits that the Border Patrol busts for drug possession and transportation, according to an analysis of records obtained by the Center for Investigative Reporting.

Three out of four people found with drugs by the border agency are U.S. citizens, the data show. Looked at another way, when the immigration status is known, four out of five busts—which may include multiple people—involve a U.S. citizen.

As I’ve said before… if the world’s #1 narcotics using country is all that concerned about it, they can send their death squads out against their own people, and stop harassing Mexican (and Andean) farmers trying to make a living and stop financing and arming the gangsters who those narcotics users employ to keep production and distribution moving along. And, maybe we need to rethink who really are the distributors.

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  1. Bebe permalink
    28 March 2013 2:36 pm

    I don’t recall the county, but a New Mexico sheriff’s daughter was caught a few years ago transporting marijuana across the border in a departmental vehicle. She wasn’t an employee, but she was using the public SUV for private activities. Aside from the presently illegal contraband, that is.

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