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Bullshit reloaded

28 March 2013

The national media has perpetually portrayed an extremely inaccurate image of life on the border, all based on sensational lies created by politicians like McCain. I felt as if the visit of these four senators to my hometown was going to turn into a circus and we were the stage being used for their “war zone” propaganda.

My biggest fear soon became a reality…

(Nogales radio reporter, Mucho Martinez, on the “Too Convenient” border jumper incident, writing for Latino Rebels).

You need more than a willing suspension of disbelief to imagine a woman would do a flying jump over the border fence in the middle of the afternoon, while the Border Patrol is standing by (and a couple of U.S. Senators just happen to be there “researching” border security). Who you going to believe… people who live (or have lived) along the border or a couple of politicians with an agenda?

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  1. 28 March 2013 12:12 pm

    Thank you so much for linking to Mucho’s piece and amplifying it. We were proud to publish it, since he pulls no punches, and rightly so.

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