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¡Ai, Papí!

19 April 2013

These guys are not going to make father of the year.

49-year old Peruvian man was charged with dousing his son with gasoline and setting him on fire  allegedly because he was laughed at for having a gay son.

Rescued by an aunt, the twenty-two year old son —  HIV positive and suffering from tuberculosis (as well as having suffered serious burns) — is now in a church-run shelter in Iquitos.

That the father is named Hitler — Hitler Baneo Núñez — and from the backwoods (ok, back jungle) of Peru, makes me think he wasn’t exactly raised with the values of tolerance and love…



… which makes me wonder what excuse there is (obviously none) for Horacio Cartes.  Cartes is the U.S. favored Liberal Party (i.e., neo-liberal capitalist) candidate for President of Paraguay, and — in the Paraguayan view of such things, despite known dabblings in cigarette smuggling and narcotics trafficking, a fine upstanding businessman.  Running for President in a country bordered by tolerant Uruguay and Argentina (both of which permit same-gender marriage), I guess a candidate needs to make some gesture to show he’s his own man… but geeze, at the expense of your own kids?

Cartes, who has compared gays to monkeys, said he’d shoot himself in the balls if his son married another man.  Maybe one of his sons would be willing to do a unique service to his country… which at least would guarantee that, unlike a recent supposedly celibate president, he didn’t become father of his country out of season.

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  1. Benjamin Goldfrank permalink
    23 April 2013 11:50 am

    Cartes is from the Colorado Party, not the Liberal Party.

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