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You don’t need no education…

28 April 2013

Sombrero tip to Porter Corn for this latest bit of Arizona stupidity as reported by Three Sonorans:

… Tucson High School has just banned Advanced Spanish Classes (7,8) for all of its students!

One of the Spanish teachers said that Dr. Clash said these classes are « too exclusive. »

rwl14646 038Now get this; French 7-8 is still being allowed!

And here we have the same history being replayed one year later after TUSD bans American History / Mexican American Perspectives but allows European History to be taught for American history credit.

Clash seems to have justified this by allowing one class to remain, the AP Spanish class. There’s one major problem though; the school of nearly 3000 students will only have one section of it available, and it coincides with mariachi class.

One freshman student was concerned at how her advanced bilingualism would actually hurt her chances of going to college thanks to Dr. Clash.

« I’m taking Spanish 5-6 right now, and there’s nothing left for me to take next year since I’m in mariachi which is offered at the same time as AP Spanish which is all that is left. The UA requires at least two-years of foreign language classes, and because of Dr. Clash’s policy I don’t know what I will do. »

The student added « This is unfair because French 7-8 is still being offered. »

Indeed, living one hour away from the border, Spanish is crucial in the Old Pueblo. Perhaps that is why TUSD continues to ban Mexican American History, our books, and now our language. That will keep us behind long enough until either ICE deports us, or our youth fall into the private-prison pipeline.

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  1. 28 April 2013 5:41 pm

    Those that claim to be ‘Teachers’ of Mexican History can’t grab their asses with both hands when it comes to facts of History.

    Were a presentation made that was intelligent, perhaps the School Boards would give approval to tech.

    Here is an article of Mexican History those Chicanos in Tucson only know of because of the Freemason movie Greater glory. This article is a truthful look at some Mexican History.

    By the way, in the greater glory movie a crucifix is placed in a shot glass of tequila.

    That is blasphemous.

    Just as bad as putting it in urine like one of the European artist did.

    That scene in the movie symbolized both men were Freemasons; Lucifer’s lackeys.


  2. 28 April 2013 6:55 pm

    First time I heard that Knights of Colombus financed film described as “Freemasonry”. Inicidentally, it also shows Plutarcho Elias Calles drinking liquor, something the radical tee-totaller never did (nor did he dress like a 19th century villain, nor wear a beard…). While the Cristeros had a major impact on Mexican-American history, I haven’t heard of that film being used in lessons on Mexican-American history, and I would be quite surprised that it was (except maybe in the more conservative Catholic schools). (As it is, not sure what any of this has with a school board refusing to offer advanced Spanish to high school students, when they offer advanced French.

  3. Allen G, permalink
    28 April 2013 7:04 pm

    It almost seems that the U.S. school system appears to be getting worse, not better. In reference to a ¨60 Minutes¨ offering a few months ago.
    It would behoove one of the commenters to do some real research on Freemasonery.
    In the past there have been many negative, and slanderous, remarks made by the K of C,
    not to be confused with Kentuckey Fried Chicken.
    For example, all Shriners are ¨Freemasons¨.

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