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Slim’s pickin’

3 June 2013

Being a lefty who sorta likes Carlos Slim, or at least has defended him on occasion, I wasn’t surprised by the polling results recently reported by Covarrubias.

Slim, as a person, is thought of highly by 41% of Mexicans, and favorably by 3/4ths of those polled.

Carlos_Slim_HelúAll of the companies he controls (Sanborns, Telcell, Telmex, Grupo Inbursa) are regarded positively when it comes to service, but … no surprise… people complain about the prices.

Slim was widely berated in the U.S. media when Bill Gates and Warren Buffet turned much of their assets into “charitable foundations”… which, as Slim noted, makes them tax deductions, whereas, he has no objection to paying taxes.   He does contribute quite a bit to charities but his philanthopic endeavors are largely unknown by his fellow Mexicans.  That’s one reason I sorta like the guy… no big ego.

Slim bien evaluado; no razonables los precios de Telcel; desconocida su filantropía: Covarrubias

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  1. 3 June 2013 11:09 am

    I totally agree with you re Carlos Slim. I actually became a fan of his after seeing the Larry King interview. It’s no small accomplishment to have put about 250,000 people to work; to run firms which are so service-oriented, AND staff-supportive.

    I frequent the same Sanborn’s for breakfast, and feel that it’s the most welcoming store/restaurant I can remember. None of the so USA-common attitude that “that’s not my job-assignment”–everyone pitches in to see that things run smoothly. Such teamwork is a goal of Mr. Slim’s, and I see it as spinning off into improved employee relationships and camaraderie.

    Here’s a transcript of the interview with Larry King, in 2010. There are also clips from same on YouTube.

  2. Bebe permalink
    3 June 2013 3:26 pm

    Alinde, thanks kindly for posting the transcript. Not at all what I expected (I anticipated more financial shop-talk and not wholistic philosophy), and I wish it were in Spanish for the nuances: the family, the business acumen, the non-materialism, etc.

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