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Traditional values: reading García Marquez

8 June 2013

Looking for an authentic Mexican folk-custom?

The ejido of Recoveco (Mocorito, Sinaloa) are celebrating the 66th anniversary of the founding of commune’s founding this weekend, with the traditional marathon reading of Gabriel García Marquez’ 100 Years of Solitude by the students of Rafael Buelna Tenorio Ag-Tech High School.

Recoveco (whose name means “bend in the road”, by the way) only adopted the marathon reading as a part of their annual celebration six years ago, but it has proven popular and was embraced by the 1600 or so residents of the farming and fishing commune as a traditional community event.    Helping to foster Mexican traditional culture, Editorial Diana — the Mexican publisher of Gabriel García Marquez — has given the school library 50 new copies of the novel… one for every 32 residents f the farming and fishing community of 1600.

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