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Makes sense to me…

17 June 2013

payasocometn_principalCometín… aka Esteban Sánchez is seeking to represent a blue-collar/poor district in Sinaloa.    As a candidate for the left-wing populist Citizen’s Movement, Sánchez’ campaign is arguing that neighborhoods like his are ignored by the clowns in the legislature, except when they come begging for votes.  In other words, your usual better street lights, garbage collection, safe schools type of campaign.

Criticized by a former party leader (now with the conservative PAN) for making a mockery of politics, Sánchez’ personal story — that of an orphan and street kid who took advantage of a public education to develop a trade that supports himself and his family — resonates with his constituents, and candidacy is taken seriously enough by his opponents for him to receive death threats, which has made for a sad clown, but not one to be laughed at.

(Rio Doce, SDPNoticias, El Debate)

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  1. Bebe permalink
    17 June 2013 9:26 pm

    If I could vote in MX, he’d have mine. More grassroots for “the forgotten” would really be helpful…if only the entrenched powers let him be.

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