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I read ’em my way….

20 June 2013

If you’ve notice, of late I have been writing less on national politics, preferring to look at the odd local item, and try to get back to writing on history.  Besides, when I started this site back in 2002, there just wasn’t much available in the way of resources in English on Mexican and Latin American political culture outside of wonkish and academic circles.

Given my own limitations, I’ve pretty much given up on keeping some parts of this site up to date (like the resources page), but did add a list of those site — mostly alternative news sources, mostly in English.   Though I no longer have the time to plow through everything,  these are the sites related to Latin America that I have on my “wordpress reader” which I have also listed on my resources page:


Americas North and South:  A Look at History and Issues from Tierra del Fuego to the Arctic.

Bolivia Diary:  information in English on current news in Bolivia.

Bridges and Borders:  A Multimedia Project Telling the Life Stories of Migrant Workers and Their Families

Inca Kola News:  Business and economics (mostly mining) from Peru.

Juan Pablo Proal: News, commentary and snark from the Mexican journalist (en Español)

Latin America Now:  Bringing the Latin American perspective to the English-Language world.

Machetera:  pro-Cuban, English-language news and commentary.

News of the Restless:  Sabina Becker’s commentary mostly on Venezuela and the “Axis of Evo” … from Canada.

Hermano Juancito:  Brother Jack Donaghy, a lay brother working in the Diocese of Santa Rosa de Copán, Honduras

Mexico Voices:  the indispensable Reed and Jane Brundidge provide daily translations from Mexican media reports.

Mi blog es tu blog:  A daily harangue about Hispanic media, marketing and pop culture

Newspaper Rock:  where Native America meets pop culture.

Períodico Activist:  Accíon local con visíon global (en Español)

The Power and the Money:  Harvard academic Noel Maurer on the economics and politics of instability, empire, and energy, with a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean, plus other random blather…

Sur:  The Americas. Its all bad news … and sometimes not.

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