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25 June 2013

I have often suspected that the increase in funding for border security has more to do with keeping defense contractors happy since we don’t have Iraq and Afghanistan to splurge on anymore. I’m not in anyway alone. See this article on the ABC/Univision site, for instance.

There is no pretext anymore that this “border security” is for the purpose of catching terrorists. (And none so far as I know have been captured at the border, but I may be wrong.)This because a vociferous group of US citizens want to keep Mexicans and others from Latin America OUT and politicians are fanning their desires. This hostility to people crossing the border without papers is crazy. If you are one of those who supports this immigration bill with its “border surge” and says, “I’m not really prejudiced but…”, ask yourselves what it is you are so afraid of. Perhaps the ghosts of Indians and blacks slaughtered by whites have inhabited the bodies of Mexicans?

From Xico “People, This is Not Just Nuts, It’s a Plague upon Our House

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  1. roberb7 permalink
    25 June 2013 3:28 pm

    Certainly, people should just laugh at the Repugnikans when they talk about fiscal responsibility, deficit reduction, or balancing the budget.

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