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Bad to worse….

28 June 2013

I have said very little about the U.S. Immigration “reform” bill…basically because — like so many of the “reforms” proposed here in Mexico for one thing or another — it’s not a reform in the sense of an improvement, but merely some kind of change, generally for the worse.

From: An Anti-Immigrant Bill Masked as Reform, Justin Feldman (Counterpunch, 26 June 2013):

The reform bill would create a bleak future for millions of undocumented immigrants. To kick off the post-reform era, ICE would be required to organize a massive deportation campaign, rounding up 90 percent of all immigrants who overstayed a visa in the previous year. As it progressed, day-to-day life would become significantly more difficult for undocumented people than it is currently.

Once all legitimate businesses adopt the E-Verify employment authorization system required under the proposal, more immigrants would end up in dangerous, unregulated jobs where they are misclassified as independent contractors for the shadiest of companies. If a worker presented a fake Social Security number to her boss, she could be imprisoned for five years.

Undocumented immigrants are currently issued driver’s licenses in nine states, but they would likely lose that privilege under reform. The immigration bill requires that state licenses comply with the REAL ID Act and other federal regulations restricting identification cards. If a state does not comply, most of its residents would be forced to obtain a US passport solely for work authorization purposes. That is more than enough incentive to guarantee states will restrict driver’s licenses.

There is also the matter of the border. Before the Hoeven-Corker amendment, the bill was set to infuse an additional $6.5 billion into militarizing the US-Mexico border. But under the amendment, which is so bad that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer initially expressed support, that number comes to well over $40 billion.

Really,what’s passed the Senate is more a military spending bill, than an immigration bill.

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  1. buddenbooks permalink
    28 June 2013 7:11 am

    It is a hideous bill. Absolutely hideous. It directly hurts PEOPLE. I can’t see how any person who calls himself or hersef “progressive” or even moderate can vote for this. Voting for it signifies that you don’t consider “immigrants” as human as you are.

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