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Bolivia: marking out their position

2 July 2013

Via Inca Kola News:

So both France and Portugal suddenly decide to deny 2593534804_705eb1fded_zair passage of the Bolivian Presidential aircraft, with Evo Morales on board, which then has to turn tail and make (what’s being called at least) an emergency landing in Austria because of suspicions that Snowden had hitched a ride with Evo… [the] Vice-Minister of Communications, one Sebastián Michel, […] asks his fellow citizens to go and urinate on (presumably the walls of, but you never know) the French Embassy in La Paz Bolivia in retaliation…


Why bother raising issues at the United Nations, when you effectively register your country’s  complaints through Urine-nations?

UPDATE:  Actually, it’s not funny.  President Morales’ plane was denied access to the airspace of France, Italy, Spain and Portugal and forced to land in Vienna  in violation of several international treaties (including, of course, the Vienna Convention).  Peruvian President Ollanta Humala of Peru, in his role as president pro-tem of the Union of Latin American States (UNASUR) has called for an emergency meeting set for this Thursday. 

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  1. 3 July 2013 12:08 am

    Why does it seem to me that the US government is remarkably short-sighted in this whole affair? Of course, that would be nothing new.

    Must be something mighty interesting behind that big dark curtain that Snowden has yanked just a slight bit open a couple times.

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