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Caught in the act

4 July 2013

Here’s a perp photo you wouldn’t expect:


An arrest for… wait for it… attempted vote buying! That’s a man bites dog story if ever there was one.

According to Tijuana’s Cadena Noticias, citizens called 066 (the Mexican police emergency number) to report a man “delivering groceries and political propaganda”. State Preventative Police tailed a green 1997 Dodge Dakota with no license plates, which was pulled over. Therein, the officers discovered 220 dispensas [packages of food and household staples] “bearing the Soriana logo.”

While he was being questioned, an unidentifed person in a Dodge Nitro pulled up, fingering Méndez as “the guy in the Dodge Dakota he’d seen on Avenuda Los Torres in Colonia Río Vista, passing out propaganda for the PRI, and soliciting votes for the Compromiso por Baja California [the PRI led coalition slate in Sunday’s state election] in exchange for the dispensas.”

Mexican crime reports are usually written by stringers, paid by the word. They have a charm all their own, giving us a plethora of details… except maybe the most important.

Who was the guy in the Nitro?

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