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Hear no evil, see no evil

4 July 2013

Julio Hernández López in today’s Jornada... translated by Reed Brundidge for Mexico Voices.

VThe thinly disguised silence of the Peña Nieto administration in the face of grievances and abuses from the White House is significant and shameful. In a dangerous combination of colonial mentality, historical ignorance and cunning pragmatism, Los Pinos  [The Pines, the Mexican ‘White House’] has implemented as official policy the false diplomatic posture of an ostrich (a version of ”hear no evil, see no evil”) in order not to fully state the facts that require firmness from Mexico and solidarity with Latin American countries who face the imperial arrogance.

VThis has followed upon the evidence that, as with many other countries, the U.S. has spied on Mexico. The Secretariat of Foreign Affairs, which is under the charge of an evileconomist [José Antonio Meade], has said that it prefers to address these issues in a “direct” manner with its gringo counterpart. This is, at heart, an excuse, a lack of imagination, in order to refrain from publicly expressing a position demanding explanations from nosy Uncle Sam (this image has been taken from the way the editor of La Jornada has titled all information related to the Internet snooping practiced by the United States).

VThe same awe by Mexico’s ruling elite has been maintained in response to the empty gesture of “friendship” which was announced by Washington in the context of the tricky and very long term immigration reform, which has served as minimum bait for acceptance of militarization of the border, the completion of the dividing wall and the installation of spy and warning equipment whose targets will not be just travelers who are looking for work. … 

It should be no surprise that the “leadership” of Latin America has fallen to other nations, with Mexico sacrificing the political innovations and creativity of 1920s and 30s for increased penetration of the U.S. market. That Mexico seems willing to also give up its limited political independence as well is likely to spell disaster, as this country will never be treated as an “equal partner” of the United States, and the political leaders of this country are foolish to expect such.

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