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Holy Smokes!

8 July 2013

Mexican Naval overflight of Popocatepetl… so that CENEPRED (the National Center for Disaster Preparedness) could get a look at the new  lava dome forming inside the crater

Sombrero tip to Christine Potter

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  1. David Sweet permalink
    18 July 2013 5:16 pm

    Incredible! Some 50 years ago, on a sparkling-clear morning’s flight from Mexico to Oaxaca, the pilot took the liberty of flying so close to Popo’s cone that you almost thought that a wing would touch the snow — & then circling it, while telling us all about the amazing feat of Cortez’ men climbing the volcano in 1521, & then repelling down into it to collect saltpeter with which to make gunpowder for the final assault on Tenochtitlan!

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