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U.S.: “We’ll always have Canada”

10 July 2013

I’ve seen nothing in the U.S./Canadian media, but the Organization of American States voted to condemn the European states that denied landing rights to the Bolivian Presidential plane for refueling. I wonder if the reason for the non-coverage might have something to do with who voted against it… you got it… the U.S. and Canada.

From NTN24 in English (Bogata, Colombia)

The Organization of American States (OAS) passed a resolution expressing solidarity with Bolivian President Evo Morales whose presidential plane was refused airspace in Europe last July 2 by four European countries.

In a six point declaration, the organization condemned the actions of France, Italy, Spain and Portugal for denying the Bolivian President passage after suspicions that US whistle-blower Edward Snowden was aboard the plane.

The resolution condemns the behavior of the European countries as a violation of international law and calls on the countries to explain their actions.

Additionally, the document states that the Secretary General of the OAS, José Miguel Insulza, will continue to follow up on the event. “What happened on July 2 is a serious offense to a democratic president of this region, ” he said in one of his speeches.

The representative of Spain, Jorge Hevia, expressed his dissatisfaction with the final text of the document, saying it did not allow for the inclusion of a response in his country´s defense.

The United States and Canada also disagreed with the decision, arguing that the facts under which the event took place are not yet entirely clear.

The Permanent Council special meeting, which lasted about nine hours, was convened by Bolivia, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Ecuador.

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