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So much for the Master Race

20 July 2013


The 1935-37  Amazonas/Jary River expedition was led by Otto Schulz-Kampfhenkel, claimed to be collecting ethnographic and botanical data on the Amazon, but it’s real purpose — besides finding possible new sources of raw materials for the increasingly militant Nazi regime at home —  was to test the region as a possible “Lebensraum” fit for the “master race”.

… Joseph Grenier provided proof that it wasn’t, and the Nazis weren’t  …   his tombstone (swastika and all) is still standing, by the way.


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  1. Maria O'Connor permalink
    26 July 2013 1:16 am

    Most people of German ancestry in Brazil as well as other South Americans countries do not have anything to do with Nazism. Germans start emigrating all over South America in late 1600’s. The Jesuits priests, coming from Western Europe (Germany, Italy, Ireland), discovered that most of the Indians lived in the high Andes or in the tropical jungle and the vast fertile prairies (pampas, savannas) were unpopulated; so the news rapidly spread by word of mouth to the poor and hungry European farmers and peasants with no land of their own. Entire villages from Italy, Germany, Ireland and from other western countries, suddenly emigrated accompanied by their priest, and settled in untamed territories, leaving back home the rich landlords by themselves, with no farm labourer and no notice for their departure.

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