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One tough mother…

21 July 2013


Senator Rosario Ibarra… 87 years old and not about to quit! When her son, Dr. Jesus Piedra Ibarra was “disappeared” in April 1975, the middle-aged, middle-class housewife from Saltillo, became overnight a thorn in the side of the elites, and an unlikely champion of the oppressed.

Hounding the government for answers got no response, so in 1982 … needing a platform from which the powers that be HAD to listen to her, she became the Presidential candidate for the Workers’ Revolutionary Party… and the first woman to run for President.

Not that she had any chance of winning (she asked her supporters NOT to vote for her, but for Cuauhtemoc Cardenas), but it gave her an opportunity to hound the ruling party for answers.  Which, STILL not forthcoming, led her to found Comité ¡Eureka! … seeking not only justice from those responsible for political disappearances, but FOR all political prisoners and victims of state oppression.   She has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize several times.  Twice a Federal Deputy, she joined the Senate at age 80, becoming one of the leaders of the opposition who locked themselves in the Senate Chamber to prevent Felipe Calderón being sworn in as President.

As a Senator, she continues to push for human rights legislation, railing against corruption and human rights abuses. And sometimes winning a few battles.

When people tell you not to get cross-wise with a Mexican’s mom… they mean it!

(And she takes a great photo!)

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