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Sorry to hear it

14 August 2013

Joel Ortega Cuevas, General Director of the General Director  Mexico City’s Metro System, said police are beefing up plans to systematically prevent street vendors, known as vagoneros from entering metro stations.

(full story, in Spanish, at 24 Horas)

I’m sorry to hear Mexico City is going to this extreme to control the unregulated capitalists.   In my time in Mexico City, I discovered the importance of ALWAYS carrying a backpack with you, whether you left the house with anything or not.  There was always a bargain on the Metro… while it usually happened that the day you forgot a notebook or your pen went dry, somebody was selling some kind of novelty pen that would get you by, I used to pick up such odd bargains as pirate CDs of Mozart (ok, so it was the Slovak Radio Symphony.. for 10 pesos, what do you expect?), cookbooks, flashlights, candy bars, some of the worst “teach yourself English Books” I’ve ever seen (one memorable work had the title “Englesh Maid Easy”) and… something I actually needed right at the time… the periodic table of elements in Spanish.  I happened to be trying to do a crossword puzzle.
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  1. Anna permalink
    14 August 2013 2:14 am

    The Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra (previously Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra) is a symphony orchestra based in Bratislava, Slovakia.[1]

    Founded in 1929 to serve Slovak Radio, the orchestra became particularly associated with the music of Slovak composers, notably Alexander Moyzes, Eugen Suchoň and Ján Cikker.[2]

    Chief conductors of the orchestra have included Krešimir Baranović, Ľudovít Rajter, Ladislav Slovák, Václav Jiráček, Otakar Trhlík, Bystrík Režucha, Ondrej Lenárd (1977–90), Róbert Stankovsky (1990–2001), Charles Olivieri-Munroe (2001–03), Oliver von Dohnanyi (2006–07), and Mario Kosik.[2]

    Which means more than who knows what US orchestra.

  2. roberb7 permalink
    14 August 2013 2:39 pm

    Unfortunately, the last time I was on the Metro, I nearly got in a fight with a CD vendor. He had a ghetto blaster built into his backpack. The volume was WAY too loud, and he was standing right next to me. When I expressed my displeasure with this, he didn’t like it.

    I don’t mind people selling stuff to scratch out a living at all (unless they are selling cigarettes illegally), but this guy was an asshole.

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