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TIME MAGAZINE’s Ugly Americanism

18 August 2013

Fuckin’ idiot!


The unethical and legally questionable statement made by TIME magazine’s senior national correspondent has been met with a barrage of criticism. Although Michael Grunwald deleted the comment and apologized, WikiLeaks is still pushing for his resignation.

The scandal was sparked by a Twitter post on Grunwald’s account which stated that he is eager to write an article on Julian Assange’s execution by a drone.

WikiLeaks tweeted that they have sent a letter to the publication demanding Grunwald’s resignation. They have said that the magazine must show that journalists calling for the murder of other journalists is “never acceptable.”

Although Grunwald responded to the criticism by saying that the original post was a “dumb tweet” and deleting it, TIME has so far not offered any comment on the employee’s statement.

Nor, has Grunwald, or his employer, said anything about his non-apology: “my main problem with this is it gives Assange supporters a nice safe persecution complex to hide in.”

Persecution my ass…!!!!   Given where Julian Assange happens to be (the building with the Ecuadorian flag on it) any “execution” by drone would presuppose  killing a bunch of British people (who, last I heard were U.S. allies) in that building next door and — obviously — an attack on the Ecuadorian Embassy.

Ecuadorian Embassy, London... Google Street View

Ecuadorian Embassy, London… Google Street View

Grunwald is being the ugliest of Ugly Americas… basically cheerleading for death squads (or, in this case, a robotic death squad) sent against Latin Americans, as “punishment” for making the U.S. government uncomfortable.

Given the recent attempts to violate Bolivian immunity when — on behalf of the United States — President Morales’ plane was first denied a refueling stop, then overflight rights, then nearly boarded — all on an impossible story taken as probable that the Presidential plane was carrying somebody who was at one airport in Moscow had somehow boarded the Bolivian plane that was about 25 Km. away, I suppose bone-headed stupidity — and a concerted effort to destroy good relations — is SOP when the United States deals with Latin America.


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  1. Dan Dunn permalink
    18 August 2013 6:18 am

    What a swine.

  2. 18 August 2013 3:03 pm

    Ah…The Monroe Doctorine at work. Little has changed in 200+ years,no?

  3. 24 August 2013 9:04 am

    The thing I don’t really get about the whole Wikileaks thing is this. The New York Times got away with publishing the Pentagon Papers, albeit not without a lot of legal legwork. Now, Wikileaks finds itself in the EXACT SAME position, yet the US government doesn’t want to respect the precedent that that case set.

    It’s alarming how little the government is now constrained by the very laws designed to constrain it.

    I’m not a tea-partier, but I do think we need to get back to respecting the constitution.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where every day now I’m alarmed about some new evidence of government malfeasance.

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